Large Sky Crane - CARNELIAN


Cornelian, the stone of passion and sensuality! You can only be mesmerized by its deep lushes color, which contrasts beautifully with the 10 diamonds & Rubies encrusted in 14K gold. Hand carved with large facets and sharp angles this reddish-orange stone is not to be missed and works best of you are more into bold colors!


* Please keep in mind these are natural hand-carved stones and they vary in color.


* When placing an order you can request for customized specifications such as size and color shades.

if you wish to customize this item contact us  


Diamonds: 7 = 0.10ct
Height from finger - 25mm - 30mm

*Slightly chunkier than Bubble Rings

Size & Fit

Ring sizes are individual and can only be taken by you.