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As anyone who’s ever been to NYC knows, Bleecker and Prince are two streets that never actually meet; But if they were to have met, they would most definitely appreciate our sense of style and exquisite craft. Bleecker with its sense of heritage and imperfect laid-back air, quaint music & record stores that get you lost in parallel worlds… and the street that seems to change and transform as you journey down one end to the other.

And then there’s lovely Prince with its modern contemporary jib – in the heart of things, tucked behind the main streets of Soho…A place in the know for people in the know.

I’ve always felt caught between these 2 streets – a classic soul with a bit of rugged, a taste for the finer aspects of life, but ready to get down and dirty when the moment arises.

That’s why I created B&P after years of working with a discerning clientele as a custom Jewelry designer both in NYC as well as in Tel Aviv. I always felt that edgy often compromises on quality, and heritage brands tend to be a tad stuffy…Bleecker & Prince is the love-child of these 2 conflicting states of mind.


‘Bleecker’ is home to our semiannual-fine-jewelry-online-collection. Creating ‘Bleecker’ was a challenging step. To create an entire line consisting of 8-25 pieces that correlate together, that I can and do wear everyone of them and can be reproduced to perfection, is quite a challenge.

With that, the gratification I get when someone chooses to purchase something I designed out of my own vision, my own conception of beauty, is pure happiness.

Leehe Segal, Creative director, putting final touches on model at Spring 2014 campaign shoot


‘Prince’ is our design studio where we offer custom designs for a discerning audience. This includes the entire creative process, starting from hand-drawn sketches, 3d renderings, sourcing of materials, to measurements and styling. 

Depending on the jewelry piece and your desire to be involved, we have somewhat of a relationship during this production period. Together with my design experience and your dreams we create something that is truly unique, exclusive and timeless.

Leehe Segal and Ofir, the goldsmiths, in the middle of a work day


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